The Pros and Cons of Using Penis Pumps

There are several different types of tools when it comes to penis enlargement. So many people are contemplating about using the best penis pumps rather than others like penis extender. That is because penis pumps are known to have more benefits rather than the others. We are here to provide you a more detailed information about the use of penis pumps. Here are the pros and cons of using penis pumps.

Pros of Penis Pumps: Medically recommended

According to many urologists in, penis pumps are recommended for those who want to enlarge their penis. Not only it can help to augment your penis, but penis pumps are also useful for your urinary tract. Also, there is just less of a risk when used compared to the other penis enlargement tools such as penis hanger.

Economic Pros

The best Penis pumps are also usually a lot cheaper than any other treatment for penis enlargement. Rather than buying expensive penis enlargement pills for an extended period, it is better to invest in one single penis pump(compare the best penis pumps here). Not only you can save more money, but it will also bring you something that you can use for many times in the future. Plus, penis pumps are more efficient anyway.

Watch Out for Risks

There are several different risks that you should watch out for when using a penis pump. First of all, a penis pump can give you a painful blister if you do not know how to use them correctly. There is a level of suction or pressure in a penis pump. And some guys who want to make a more significant penis process a lot faster will usually try to use the maximum level of suction. This is actual can indeed be dangerous and can create painful blisters.

Blisters are not the only risk that can happen from using a penis pump. Bleeding can also occur if you are not careful with the penis pump. As you might have known already, penis pumps should not be overdone. There should not be any pain when you are using a penis pump. If you find yourself in pain while pumping your penis, that is the time to stop altogether. A right pumping session should entirely be comfortable and pain-free.

If you want to relax more, you can use the hydro pump in the bath of warm water. This will give you more relaxation while pumping your penis.

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How Make Your Penis Larger Naturally?

Male sexuality in each man is just different and concrete. Some of these are endowed, and some of us are created with less than satisfying size. But you can always enlarge your penis using several methods including penis stretching. You will need to buy a penis extender. It’s important to choose the quality device, which is clinically approved, made from medical materials and recommended by doctors. The list of such devices and reviews are available at There are several ways of growing your penis size both in girth and length. Luckily, they are not all the same in results and process. Some of them take longer to give your result, some of them are faster. Here are four different times you need to spend to enlarge your penis naturally.

Time for Jelqing

Jelqing is an ancient method of growing your penis. Using your index finger and thumb, you create an “ok” sign and use it to massage your penis. This method is originated in the Arab world and has been said to enlarge your penis successfully in time. The thing is, you will require several weeks before you see the result of jelqing. From the plenty of reports on the internet, most people who are jelqing will see the result of growth in the first three weeks.

To see the result in three weeks, of course, you will have to do it appropriately and regularly. You need to jelq every day preferably in the morning and in the evening. Every session should last around ten minutes. After doing this for three weeks, you should start to notice growth, especially in girth.

Time for Stretching

Stretching is almost the same with jelqing. While jelqing is practically massaging the muscle tissue, stretching is elongating the penis. Therefore, instead of targeting the girth, this exercise focuses more on the length of the penis. You just grip your tip of the penis and stretch as far as you can. While stretching it, hold it for about fifteen seconds and let it loose. Do this repeatedly around ten times every session. Sadly, this is a very time wasting exercise. From the variety of reports on the internet, it seems like you will need around twenty-six weeks before you can enjoy the result.

The average of penis stretching growth is around two inches in over twenty-six weeks. Of course, you will have to do it on a daily basis for it to be successful. Do it every morning and evening just like the jelqing technique.

Taking Herbs


If you are taking natural herbs like Yohimbe or Vig Rx Plus, the chance is you will see the results immediately. You might see the outcome in just about three hours. Despite so, the effects will also wear off pretty quickly. Even so, there are plenty of herbs that you can use to make such a permanent result in the penis. For instance, horny goat weed and fenugreek can provide a lasting effect to your penis. Although, you have to take it for three months before you start to see results. That is why you will need about twelve weeks taking these herbs before you can notice any growth in the size of your penis.

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