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If you would like to add a page for your
child, click on “Add A Child” below.

Please be aware that once a child’s page is added to this website the information becomes public. Please keep this in mind when posting information. It is recommended that you DO NOT post your full names or addresses unless using a post office box. We can not be responsible for who views these pages as they are open to the general public. We suggest a password protected page for optimum privacy.


Need information? Contact:
Elizabeth Ricard, President
Children of the Promise, Inc.
405 Shady Pine Lane
Newcomb, TN 37819


Please join thousands of prayer warriors around the world as we pray for our children.
Simply send us an email with subscribe as the subject.

Children of the Promise is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. This website’s purpose is to provide pages for children so that others may learn of their needs and pray for them as well as provide a central location where family and friends can receive updates on children and offer encouragement to their parents.

You will find no solicitation for funds or support of any kind other than prayer and encouragement.

We appreciate your prayers and look to the Lord to provide our daily needs.