Our Beginnings

It started more than ten years ago when I was led to create an online/worldwide prayer ministry. I was quickly shown that my focus was to be the needs of childrenm and as I have always had a great love for all children, it was an easy decision to create a special needs children’s website which is titled, “Children of the Promise”.

I began by simply seeking out and encouraging prayer warriors from around the world to join with me and pray for these children. Then I received a request for a child in critical condition in Oklahoma. I contacted the parents who already had a web page for their child and asked if I could be of service by creating a page for him and handling the many emails and updates until they could assume the task again themselves. They agreed, and so it began. My daughter and I handled hundreds of emails daily, and the child’s page took 3000 hits a day on the average. So much prayer was going up for this child as a world came together in unity for his healing. I was both amazed and humbled by the experience.

However, I felt led to do more. This family needed help with insurance payments for their child as his care became very expensive, and due to their absences from work both parents were now unemployed. So, I did something I had never done before. I asked for pledges for his insurance costs. I took no money, only pledges. There was a special account already set up for him, and people sent their money there. In a matter of just a few days, we had almost two thousand dollars in pledges. The parents were unaware of this effort, and it was at this time that I felt God lead me to visit this family in the hospital. With pledges in hand and very little money, we traveled to Oklahoma to the Children’s hospital and met the family in person for the first time. We left with them the pledges and the many pages of prayers we had printed. By God’s hand it was during our time there that the child woke up and became stable. What a joy to be present for that miracle. This child is doing well today.

It was from this experience that God has taken the ministry to where it is today. We have visit ed as many children as is possible for us and meet as many needs as we can.

It is our hope we can continue to offer much needed help to many more children and their families. There have been many, many hurdles to cross through this process and Praise God we have crossed most of them with His guidance and help.

We will enter 2010 praying for the realization of three major goals:

  1. To increase our prayer warriors by 300.
  2. To see an increase in miracle healings of our children, and
  3. To do all things in accordance with God’s will and with His blessing.

Please pray for us in these areas always seeking the Father’s will above all else.

There are ten years of experiences, prayers, tears, and testimonies between the start of this ministry and where we are today. I wish I could share them all with you, but I fear that summary would be an entire book. I am so blessed by God’s ministry and miracles for these children and if I live to be a hundred and never do another thing, I will always remember and love the children who have become such a huge and welcome part of my daily life.

God has brought together people unknown to each other except as brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world to be a part of His great work for His children. Only God can do it , and only if He has willing, selfless, servants who will say to Him, “Here am I, Lord, send me.”

I don’t know where God will take this ministry from here but I know that He has reached out across the distances and touched hearts and lives that have been forever changed because they cared for and reached out to His Children of the Promise. There is much work to be done, and we need more warriors. We invite you to join our family, and join hands in prayer around the world…Amen!