Our Board

Elizabeth Ricard, President

I was born in 1956 the 9th of 12 children and spent all of my childhood years in Georgia. I was born again when I was six years old and God has ALWAYS been with me. I met my husband, Donald, while visiting my sister in South Carolina and we have had 36 wonderful years together. We have one child, Rosemary, twenty-six years old, and two beautiful grandsons. We retired to Newcomb, Tennessee about 14 years ago.

I graduated from Phillps Jr. Business College in Augusta, Georgia. I later worked as Office Administrator, Nationwide Customer Service Representative, Criminal Records Clerk, and Legal Secretary. I also worked as a substitute teacher, elementary level volleyball and basketball coach, and served as PTO President. I was a Girl Scout Leader and District Chairperson. I recently returned to school and graduated in May, 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in Human Services with a concentration in counseling and psychology. My love for children has always been a great part of my life.

Children of the Promise is my top priority after God and family. It is my desire and prayer that many children and their families will be helped by this organization. You may read more about us on the “About Us” page.

Donald Ricard, Director

I was an only child born in Maine. I joined the Army at age 17 and retired from Fort Gordon in Georgia after 20 years of service. After leaving the service, I worked as ROTC College Instructor, Deputy Sheriff, US Marshall, and then retired from civil service as an electronics repairman with Pan AM at Fort Gordon Signal School. I met my wife, Elizabeth, in 1973 and we were married that same year. In 1983 our child was born. In 1984 I became a born again Christian. A few years later, I was ordained as a Southern Baptist deacon and my wife and I have tried to serve God to the best of our ability.

Children of the Promise has my full support and I work side-by-side with my wife as we strive to touch the lives of children in need through the love and support of so many others. Our goal is to give hope where there is none and bring health, joy, and happiness into their life by supplying or finding a resource to fill their need. Children are hurting and we hope to give support and assistance to as many as possble through this organization and all those whose gifts and prayers make it possible. May God one day say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

Cheryl Haney, Director

I was born in Wyo. in 1959. I was raised in a spirit filled Christian home. I have always loved the Lord. But as a teenager I did not always walk with the Lord. I praise God that he never gave up on me. I am a wife, a mother of five children and also a grandmother.

My oldest is Christopher age twenty-one, from there is Rebecca age nineteen, Sarah age fifteen, Caleb age eleven, and Moriah age three. Moriah just recently went home to be with the Lord on June 9, 2002. She was one of the children on the website.
You may read about her on the memorial area of the children of promise. And last but not least is my granddaughter Mackenzie age One.

I enjoy spending time with my family and doing crafts. I enjoy studying God’s Word, spending time in Worship, and seeing God at work in the lives of those we are praying for. I enjoy my walk with God for it is never dull. We serve an awesome God!

Lore Heavilin, Secretary

I married Bill, my high school sweet heart in 1975. Kristy came a long in 1978 followed by Keith in 1980. In 1983 we hit a rocky spot in our marriage. For a while it seemed that we were going to be a divorce statistic. Praise God he healed our marriage, making our marriage stronger, as well as making us much stronger as individuals.

In 1985 we felt the need to share the family God made when He restored our marriage. We were led to become foster parents through the Baptist Children’s Home in Indiana. We received our first foster baby in October of that year. He had many puzzling minor medical problems. We had him for 10 months before he was placed with his adoptive family. Then the Lord led us to East Tennessee. We were here for 9 months when we felt the Lord tapping us on our shoulders to remind us he wanted us to be foster parents. We got the ball rolling with the Baptist Children’s Home as soon as we could. A week after we were approved we had our first baby placed with us. We fostered for over 15 yrs. We had no intentions of every adopting. God had other plans for us. We have been blessed with five children through adoption. Taylor was born in 1978, joined our family when she was 15 yrs old. Jon was born in 1981, joined our family when he was 9. Alex was born in 1988, joined our family when he was 17 months old. Erin was born in 1994, joined our family when she was 3 weeks old. Trisha born in 1999, joined our family when she was 5 months old. We did not have an overly large number of foster children. This is because the4 of the 5 children that we adopted were in our home for year before they were free for adoption. We never kept a count of how many foster children we had because it did not matter how many we had. It mattered that we loved and cared for all the children that God placed in our family.

God told us it was time to give up fostering when we adopted Trisha, our youngest daughter. Trisha had 17 doctors and therapy up to 9 times a week. We also home educate our 9yr old and 15 yr old. I knew it was time to let fostering go. It is through Trisha that we became involved with Children of the Promise. Trisha had a endoscope done in August of 2002. I had to wait in the same waiting room the parents of surgery patients do. I saw a friend of mine that was waiting for her son to get done with major surgery. I went over and talked with her. She introduced me to Elizabeth. We visited while we were waiting for Trisha to get done. Elizabeth came down to Trisha’s room later that day. We had found out the some of Trisha’s blood work was way off. So she had to spend the night to get it straighten out. Elizabeth and Don were there when we got that message. They prayed with us. Asked me if I wanted Trisha to be put on the website for more prayer warriors. I quickly said yes. They were with us for physically and/or in prayer with Trisha’s hospitalizations. The love, concern, and prayer support is a wonderful gift from God. We had a bitter sweet experience the 29th of April 2003. Our precious angel left her earthen vessel and went to dance with Jesus. When Elizabeth asked me if I would consider being a board member, I did not hesitate to say yes. I felt so honored to be asked to join this precious group. I want to be there for God to use for his glory through this ministry.