Privacy Statement

Due to the obvious public nature of the internet, we strive to keep our children and their families safe. To this end we recommend that you only post a child’s first name with an
email contact address. We do not suggest that you use your child’s email address for contact. We prefer that all email go through the child’s parents for his/her protection. However, if you wish to use a child’s email address, we will post it with written permission.

We do everything possible to keep your information private and secure. If you are ever contacted in an improper or offensive manner, please contact us immediately by email at: or by telephone at: 866-565-5437.


Personal Information collected is for contact and verification purposes only and will not be shared with others without explicit written permission of a parent or guardian.


Information gathered during the page request registration for a child is for our records and any personal information such as mailing addresses, phone numbers, and last names are kept private unless otherwise specified by the parent or guardian submitting the page request. This form is used for permission purposes and contact will be made with the parent or guardian to verify its legitimacy and the authority of the person submitting the page request. Personal information is not shared or used without specific permission from the parents or guardians.


A child’s needs and updates will be posted to his/her page and will be included in a daily mail out to prayer warriors. No last names will be used and only email addresses will be supplied. If you do not wish this information included in the daily mail outs, please send an email to notifying us of this restriction. We do not wish to give out any information that you desire be kept private. If you desire more privacy in the daily mail outs, your child’s name can be omitted and “anonymous” used in its place. If your child has a webpage, a link to your child’s page is included with each update in a daily mail out. Please specify should you want the link left off. Also, be aware that the daily mail outs will be sent to other groups when deciding on your preferred level of privacy. We encourage you to make your privacy wishes known to us during the registration process. You may add this and other details in the comments section of the form.

Should you desire prayer for your child but do not want a page posted to the web, please email us your request to and we will send it in the daily mail out using the information you include in your request per your instructions.


Children of the Promise is a non-discriminatory organization. We do not refuse any family with a child with a special need regardless of race, social status, or religious preference. We will help those we have the resources to help. There is no charge for posting or maintaining a child’s page to this website.

Written permission from the child’s parents or legal guardians are required before a child’s page will be posted. If a person other than a parent or guardian of a child is to be the contact person for updates, we must have that person’s name and email with the parent or guardian’s consent giving this person such authority.


Information posted to a child’s page must be received from a parent, guardian, or other designated family member or person who has authority of the parents or guardians of the child to submit information and updates.

We will not post the names of doctors or hospitals in the updates unless permissions have been acquired. Please do not submit negative or slanderous remarks against doctors or hospitals for posting. Our purpose and focus is acquiring the needs of the child and helping to get those needs met through prayer and any other avenues available to us.


Your email address will be posted as submitted in the Add-A-Child form. If you do not wish to have your email posted on the child’s page, please indicate so in the comments section of the form.

We collect no information except your visit to our website. However, sites we link to may collect personal information. We have no control over information collected by sites once you leave our website.